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Welcome to the

Webster Outpatient Surgery Center.

Providing You with the Utmost Care.


Webster Outpatient Surgery Center is located in San Ramon, the very heart of the Tri-Valley.   Since 2004, our ambulatory surgical center (ASC) has been dedicated to providing our patients with world-class surgeons, attentive clinical staff and state-of-the-art equipment. We are well-skilled and fully equipped to offer a full range of surgical services ranging from cosmetics and pain management to sports medicine and orthopedics.  Our team is fully committed to providing superior clinical services and patient care, making us an exceptional place to visit.  Regardless of your procedure, you are assured of receiving the finest combination of minimally invasive surgical techniques and intimate patient care, resulting in a quicker, safer recovery.

Come visit us.  We are conveniently located just a few blocks from the Crow Canyon Valley exit and the 680 freeway.

Webster Outpatient Surgery Center specializes in the following surgical areas:
  • Cosmetic and reconstructive

  • General

  • Pain Management

  • Podiatry

  • Orthopedics

What is an 'ASC'?
ASCs are ambulatory surgical care facilities that cater to patients having an elective procedure that will not require an overnight stay in a hospital. They are typically more convenient and proven to be much safer and less expensive than a hospital.  Most notably, the infection rates are minimal.
The patients typically arrive for admission, have surgery performed in a full-service operating room with specialized staff, recover swiftly from anesthesia and return home within a few short hours after surgery..  
Better Care Starts with You!


I had an amazing experience at Webster Outpatient Surgery Center. The staff was so kind and gentle with me. Shout out to nurses Jeff and Patti for being so amazing!! Thank you for your care!" - M.W.



“The entire staff of the center whom I encountered was a stellar example of education, experience, training and maturity.   Your staff represents you well.” - P.D.

“Surgery is never fun, but staff was awesome.  They almost made it enjoyable!  


“Mark was great.   He made me, my family and girl friend feel so welcome, safe and well informed”

"The staff was amazing, friendly, helpful and kind."


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